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Orthodox easter

Orthodox easter

The most joyful holiday

Easter is the most important and expectative holiday in Orthodox religion. It brings people joy, fun, piece to homes and hope for the future. Easter makes people closer, it makes nations closer!

This holiday is the triumph of the defeat of sin and death, it is the beginning of the genesis of the world, redeemed and blessed by Jesus Christ. In this day happened our transgressing from death to life, from Earth towards the Heavens.

The Resurrection of Christ represents the awakening of nature, feelings, everything revives back to life. Therefore on Easter they usually present lots of flowers, eggs and fruits.

The Easter presents should remind of resurrection, renewal, fertility. On Easter lots of attention is paid to children, as they are the symbol of continuation of life.

Also there is a tradition to kiss each other while greeting, so send many kisses to your lady this day!

May Jesus bless you on this wonderful day!