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Here you will find out how UFMA really works. We operate for many years and have pleased and some displeased clients. Nobody can avoid this because here it is working with people’s feelings and emotions. But we constantly improve.

Why this text is written? To answer the questions about if UFMA is doing scam practices. Usually when such questions are asked by email, we reply with the links to the testimonials and marriages, because it is impossible to judge yourself.

Here are some of the testimonials
Here are some of the marriages
Most people don’t want themselves to be shown on the website and we also care about the confidentiality.

Below are answered the most frequently asked questions concerning scam. We try to answer only with facts and strong logic. This is not the place for the lyrics and self-praising.

Are the ladies at UFMA real?
- We check their documents when they come to our office;
- All photo sets are done in our studio and all photos are in one same style, which you can see yourself in the Gallery, which proves that the profiles are not stolen from elsewhere and women really come to our office;
- Order a video chat or a phone call and see the woman for real and ask her the questions. This will be like a virtual date.

How does the correspondence go? Who answers the letters?
A lady always receives your letter printed on paper and before that she can be contacted by telephone and your letter will be dictated to get the reply faster. Our manager transfers letters to the ladies and receives their replies for us to translate. Therefore you can receive the answers fast. The letters are written and dictated only by the ladies themselves! When you will see a lady in real life, she will be well aware of you and your correspondence and you will not feel yourself like strangers. Ask the questions on correspondence during the meetings and video chats!

How are the gifts delivered? Will they be really delivered?
The gifts are delivered as fast as it is possible for a lady to receive them. In most of the cases we send you the photos of a lady with a gift, so you can see her happy face and receive the positive emotions yourself. This proves that the gifts are really delivered. We don’t charge for the photos of delivery like some other agencies do.

Are the women paid for meetings and correspondence? Are they professional daters or gold-diggers?
The women don’t get money for the meetings and correspondence. The marriages and engagements of our clients prove that. An agency can’t pay a woman to marry and give birth to a child for her foreign husband. And our serious ladies do get married and give birth to children! And we are proud that we have given some help for the new life to appear on the Earth!

Is it safe to send money for a Tour? Why only by Western Union? Will the Tour take place? Will they meet me at the airport? Is it safe to come to Ukraine?
We accept payments for the tours only via Western Union or MoneyGram because the payment via a credit card goes too long to us and we won’t have time to organize your stay. Also the credit card payments are the subject of bank commissions, which will make the Tours more expensive and we don’t want to have that happening. All UFMA Tours took place successfully. We met everyone at the airport or railway/bus station in any time of the day or night. Please see the  video testimonials of people who came here from all over the world to make sure.

We have helped many marriages and engagements to happen and all those people are happy together. Become one of them! We are religious people with high moral values. We work for many years and want to keep working and don’t want to do any fraud. Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) is a scam-free agency!

If you have any questions about our practice or suggestions about this page, please write to:

Read more in this article how to avoid dating scams.

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