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Who we are
Our Mission
What we do and how we work
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Who we are

We are a professional matchmaking agency with the fast growing database of ladies.

Ukrainian Fiancée is a family business, which has the maxims of decency, honesty and work responsibility in the basis.

Our marriage agency is situated in the city with the most beautiful ladies of Ukraine. Anybody who comes to Kharkov would make sure of this statement.

Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency poses an objective to help all foreigners who decided to create a family with a Ukrainian lady.

Our Marriage Agency’s team profoundly respects clients, therefore seriously and responsibly treats the important work we do. We know the value of time. We are strongly convinced that honesty is the most important value in running business.

We are interested in the marriages of Ukrainian ladies with foreign men, in creating such families, so the people’s hearts would fill with happiness and love.

In this market of a high competition we understand that the clients are very valuable and we are ready to work for you very honestly and with maximal efforts.


Our Mission


The mission of the Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency is to give a possibility for foreign men to find the real and sincere Ukrainian ladies, who are really interested in creating a family with a foreign man; and to give a possibility for our ladies to meet a reliable life partner.

In our business we follow the following important and permanent principles:

- a client is respected and is given only proper and authentic information, which is necessary while searching and choosing a lady;

- a client always gets the best and polite service;

- we are interested in the purposes of our clients – the marriages, and we do our best to make them happen.


What we do and how we work


Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency helps people to find love and a life partner in this huge world.

It’s well known that many good and reliable men are looking for the marriage minded women in an enormously wide range of marriage agencies of different types. Many men search unsuccessfully, spending bunches of money, lots of time and efforts.

There are many mass address-selling companies with inaccurate databases and thousands of women profiles, which are sold from one company to another and they don’t even track the marriage status of the ladies who might be married for a long time before the moment they place their profiles online.

The staff of such companies has never met ladies from their galleries and knows nothing about them. Men can waste the priceless time of their lives while searching there.

But really there are marriage minded Ukrainian ladies who have the strong wish to find a life partner and create a happy family. UFMA sincerely works on matchmaking honest women and reliable foreign men with serious intentions.

We work with the most effective scheme of matchmaking people of different countries. And we have organized all steps to bring maximal results.

UFMA staff chooses ladies for the database very thoroughly and cautiously. We don’t accept anybody just to attract more clients. We look several steps ahead and care for the reputation.

Before a woman is put into our Gallery of Ladies we personally meet her in our office. We take her passport and make a copy, we talk about her life and life goals, receive her personal data, find out her interests. After an interview we might accept her profile or not, if we have doubts concerning her intentions. All women give us their information and sign the questionnaire personally. Also a woman gives consent to publish her photos and personal data.

The photos for the Gallery are taken in a studio in our presence. In the pictures the ladies look naturally, the images are not specially processed with the help of software.

Each photo has the watermarks, so it won’t be stolen from us. We never sell them to other agencies. We are in a permanent and nonstop contact with our ladies. If a woman wants her profile to be taken off the site, we do that at once. So we have no irrelevant profiles.

So we take a responsibility for the authenticity of the photos and the reality of every woman, who is in our Gallery of Ladies.


What differs us


The founders of Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency are sure that honesty and decency are most important in business. We openly state this and we understand the situation on the marriage business market.

We deeply respect our clients and we consider that good man and woman have to find each other in time, despite the distances and different languages.

We are sure that we are doing a good and beautiful thing, helping people to find and learn each other.

The value of the services we offer is that our clients don’t waste the precious time of their lives for the useless searches for the interested ladies. We don’t have those inaccurate databases like the mass trade companies, which fill Internet with false and fraudulent offers.

We enjoy the results of our work – when people really have a possibility to meet each other, to create a family and to change their lives to the best.

Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency cares about the reputation, showing with actions the highest standards of work when it is connected with very private things and confidential information. Tactfulness, correctness, honesty and decency are our life principles.

We love our business and we care about the good name. The good opinions and the meetings of concrete people are the best estimation for our work. We really want you to get married with a Ukrainian lady.

We respect the personalities of our clients and ladies, therefore we offer the professional help in creating strong families.


Our Team

Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency is a family business. In our team we only have the best and selected specialists. Our workers have degrees in marketing, management and English language.

The chiefs of the UFMA have long experience of work in a large international marriage agency. They also have the certificates in “Marriage business administration”.

We constantly develop, study and generate new ideas to be ready to meet the highest requirements.


Attitude toward the clients

Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency deeply respects the personality of each client who has decided to use our services.

We treat our work seriously and professionally, we offer the Gallery of the thoroughly selected ladies, who are interested in marriage.

We keep the requirements of confidentiality and decency.

We know the value of time, therefore we truly wish our clients will find life partners via our agency and will create the happy families.

We care about our reputation and our good name.

From our side we also count on the decency of our clients, their sincerity, openness and honesty of intentions. We hope for the reality and reliability of their information.

We also note that the search and choice are made not only by men, but also by the ladies.


Start to cooperate with UFMA

We understand that some reasons have impelled you to look for a life partner and you’ve made a choice to Slavonic women. And you’ve appreciated them at their true value.

We know that on a marriage market there are many rivals and lots of the agencies with bad reputation. But after you learn more about UFMA, you will make sure that it’s possible to work honestly and effectively and with good results.

In our lives and work we all prefer to deal with professionals, as they provide high-quality services, kindness, justified hopes and good results. UFMA does best to be on high standards in all listed.

As yourself: how much time of your life are you ready to spend for searches, to how many unreal ladies can you write and get the generated answers back, and fall in love with illusion? Or maybe ask yourself if you would better try to correspond with the real and interested ladies, and then to meet definitely with the right person. Don’t loose your chance.

If you don’t wish to waste the time, nerves and money for the useless search of a life partner in false databases, all of us at UFMA are ready to show you the shortest way towards happiness.

You will ensure that our main goals are to provide the best quality of service and the authenticity of the ladies’ photos, who are really interested in creating a family.

We never sell our databases and never let the pictures of our ladies to be placed on other sites.

If you decide to cooperate with UFMA, we will do our best so that you will be satisfied and will get good results.

We wish you all the best.

With love and respect,