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Christmas Humanitarian Help to Elderly Home and Orphanage

Christmas Humanitarian Help to Elderly Home and Orphanage

🎄 Bringing Joy and Hope: Christmas & New Year Fundraising for the Elderly Home and Orphanage 🎁

As we embrace the festive season, let's join hands to spread warmth and cheer to those in need.

Our local Kharkiv Elderly Home and Orphanage are pillars of compassion, providing care and shelter to vulnerable members of our community. However, they require our support to ensure a comfortable winter for all.

The Elderly Home urgently needs essential supplies for the upcoming colder months.

Our goal is to raise $6,100 to acquire crucial medical equipment, medicines, and warm necessities.

This will not only enhance the quality of life for our beloved seniors but also ensure their health and well-being during this challenging time.

The Orphanage, where the laughter of children resonates, requires our assistance too.

To provide them with a joyful Christmas and a promising New Year, we aim to gather $5,200.

These funds will be utilized to procure vital medicines, nutritious food, and toys that will bring smiles to the faces of these young souls.

Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a meaningful difference.

By donating, you can be a part of this heartwarming initiative, bringing hope and happiness to the elderly and children in our care.

Our target of $6,100 for the Elderly Home and $5,200 for the Orphanage will cover all their needs for the winter season. Together, we can ensure that no one feels alone or neglected during this special time of the year.

To make a donation and spread the joy, please visit our donation page here. Your generosity will brighten the holidays for those who need it most.

Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and unwavering support. Let's make this Christmas and New Year a season of giving, love, and fulfillment for everyone.

Warm regards,

Sergey, UFMA