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Free Dating Course. Part 2.

Free Dating Course. Part 2.

You can read the first part here

>>> Hello. Sergey Sokolov here again. Missed me? :)

As I promised, today you will learn about some very important things – psychological insights that will help you be VERY successful with women, such as:

The reasons why women fall in love;

The laws of love;

How to look at a woman and understand if she is in really love with you (things she can’t hide);

MOST IMPORTANT – the core needs of women. Most men don’t even think about this, don’t even know this. But if you know these core needs and satisfy them, you will be the best person for your woman. You will learn a test for learning how many of the needs of your woman you can satisfy.

Read this until the end and use this, and you will be the KING for your woman!

~Here you can download this in PDF format for later use.

It doesn’t matter if your woman is from the Ukraine or from any other country – this knowledge will be very important for building a successful relationship. It will be a useful for everyone. And of course, it will make you happy!

Some of the following might seem cynical to you.

But you yourself know that we are not living in a world of rose-colored dreams. All the following is proven by life, and it works. That’s the main thing.

In the end you will find the test that will show how good you are in a relationship.

So, let’s start disclosing women’s secrets!

Reasons Why Women Fall in Love

Every woman has her own reason for falling in love, but they’re going to be one of these:

The time has come. Every woman falls in love at a certain period. The object of her love can be random; he just happened to be there at the right time.

The wish to fall in love. Some people just like the feeling of falling in love often.

Understanding. She wants to fall in love to be understood. The person who understands her is the one she’ll fall in love with.

Pursuit of the ideal. She has some collection of qualities, some image in her mind, and if someone fits that, she falls in love.

The father model. Some girls are looking for men who are similar to their fathers. They compare them to their fathers. This happens if she admires her dad and if the relationship between them was good.

The need for feelings and emotions – the most common reason for love.

The need for security – physical, social, financial, and psychological.

The popular male. If everyone wants him, she’ll also want him. The interest of other women raises their interest.

A woman can fall in love with you even if you fulfill only one of these reasons.

We will learn later how to choose the right reason and make her fall in love with you.

The Laws of Love

These are the laws that make love happen. They are listed here for a better understanding of how they appear, so you can better manage love in your life.

These laws work precisely for the feeling of love, not just for the routine of living together. This is about feelings and chemistry. And these work for both men and women.

Remember how you behaved yourself when you were last time in love?

The Laws

"People fall in love not with a person but with an image. The image is most often idealized. It is necessary to understand what qualities a woman is looking for and what she needs and give her that."

2. "People fall in love with mystery. They don’t fall in love with the one they know all about. When everything is known and predictable, love disappears. There must always be that veil of mystery, some puzzle and enigma in you."

3. "People fall in love with unavailability, that is, when there is no 100% availability and submission. There must always be a lack of you in a relationship. She must want to spend more time with you than she spends."

4. "Love is unselfish and generous. Someone who is in love gives gifts and does things without ulterior motives."

5. "Investing resources – someone who is in love spends more time, money, and other resources on the relationship."

6. "High or inflated significance of the object of love. Someone who is in love places a high value on time together and things and events that are shared."

The feeling of love can be sustained for a very long time if you have such a goal. Later, I will tell ways to do this.

Signs that Someone Is in Love

You should try to understand if a woman really loves you. It is impossible to hide the reactions of the body and the subconscious.

And again, you will find these signs in yourself if you remember your communication with a woman you loved. For women, it works the same way.
Physical signs:
-    Excitement in her voice when talking to you,
-    Heart beating too fast or slow,
-    Blood pressure higher or lower than usual,
-    Flushed skin,
-    A gleam in her eyes,
-    Confusion while communicating,
-    Increased sweating,
-    Incoherent presentation of thoughts while speaking.

Psychological signs:
-    Constantly thinking about the person;
-    Sleeping poorly;
-    Constantly wishing to see the object of love;
-    Wishing to communicate with them in any form;
-    Dreams about the person;
-    A wish to care, give attention, and do pleasant things for the person.

And lastly, these are the most important things. This is the KEY to successful life with a woman.

The Needs of Women in Relationships

A relationship will end if these needs are not at least 50% satisfied.

If they are more than 70% satisfied, a woman will be VERY happy. If satisfied 80% or more – the woman will never leave you; your value to her will be super high, and it will be impossible for any other man to interest her.

1) Attention – She needs to receive compliments from a man, including attention to her personality and her appearance.

Security – She needs physical, financial, social (the way you treat her among other people), and emotional (support in her emotions when she needs that, along with adequate reaction to her at an emotional level) security.

3) Honesty and Trust – She needs physical and psychological levels of trust. If you lose her trust, it will be almost impossible to get it back. The relationship must be fully sincere, with no lies.

4) Comfort – She needs psychological and physical comfort. Psychological comfort comes when you do not compound her problems and troubles, when you can make her feel relaxed, when you are the harbor from rough seas for her emotions, and when she feels good and calm near you. Physical comfort means that you are not pressing on her – the sex is comfortable for her and the level of life corresponds to what she is used to.

5) Faithfulness – If there is lack of it, there will be no trust and security. Trust and security are the life principles that are critical for most women. If there is a problem here, the relationship will fall apart.

6) Reliability and stability – There must be hopes of development and plans for the future. She must be sure that she can deal with you for a long period of time.

7) Interest – You need to be sincerely interested in the life of your partner. You need to show interest in her life, values, plans, and wishes.

8) The value of a partner – you show that she is valuable and important to you. Compliments help show that you value your partner. You need to say at least one compliment to a woman every day.

9) Wisdom – Every woman is subconsciously searching for a father in a man. She needs to be able to contact you for advice and get valuable input.

10) Casual support and care – You must provide moral, financial and physical support. If you don’t provide this, she won’t feel that you are the main person in the relationship, and this may cause problems.

11) An ability to care of her partner – She needs to be able to give you massages, give you sex, do stripteases, cook for you, and do other pleasant things. You should unlock the function of care in your woman.

12) Freedom of choice and the right to an opinion – You shouldn’t restrain her personality. She needs to be able to share her own opinion.

13) The right to privacy – There always must be a private space for any person, a place where nobody touches her, where she is a Queen!

14) Romance and Tenderness – She has a desire for the Beta model of a man (disclosed in further materials). From time to time, you need to give her romance – walks at a nice place, going to a nice café, romantic dinners, and tender, romantic sex. On average, one time per month is enough in this model.

15) Sex – You need to know what kind of sex she likes. The stronger the emotional connection between you, the more she wants sex with you. If love disappears – the wish for sex declines. Each bout of sex must be enjoyable and valuable.

16) Strong Hand – She wants a dominant male (the Alpha model). For harmony, women need various emotions, and there are some things they do unconsciously to receive negative emotions and even a punishment. Often they check the strength of man by doing this. Therefore, they need him to show a strong character sometimes. They need to be shown who is the boss. Partly such emotions are given through sex, partly through verbal communication.

Important! Relationships Test
Now let’s take a test that will help you understand which qualities you fall short on in your relationships.

Remember your last relationship, and in front of each quality above, put how much, as a percentage out of 100, that you think you satisfied the needs of the woman. And then add up the all percentages and divide them by 16 to get the average.

All women have some needs that are more important for them, but in general the average figure you get will show the picture pretty well.

If you don’t cover the needs high enough (over 70%), you need to upgrade the necessary qualities.

In the UFMA Starter Package, you will learn how to develop the necessary qualities needed to make a woman fall in love with you, to build a relationship, and even just to become successful in general.


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