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Russian Bride Sveta
Russian Bride Sveta
Russian Bride Sveta


Sveta #361
37 y.o., Kharkov, Ukraine

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Date of birth:1984-01-2  
Age: 37
City: Kharkov
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Marital status: Single
Children: no

Education: MA/MS/MBA
Job: Physiotherapist
Religion: Christian
Languages: English-Some

Height: 175 cm (5`09``)
Weight: 56 kg (125 lb)
Hair colour: Blonde
Eyes colour: Blue gray
Smoking: No
Drinking: Rarely

About myself:
Any person can create their own Universe!
Character and interests:
I am very healthy as I am in the medical field and take care of my health and body a lot. I donít do much sport, but do a lot of exercises and also my work is rather physical. I am Christian and believe in God, but I donít go to church very often (because of lack of time). I studied in a medical college and now work as a masseur and physiotherapist. I am energetic, balanced, active, determined and optimistic. I like movies, museums, socializing with friends, learning new things. I like different music, all depends on a mood. But mostly I prefer classics. I like historical movies. My favorite colors are white, pearl, chocolate, blue and black. My hobby is playing a saxophone. Also I studied in a school of arts and can paint with acryl paints. Iím also learning to play the piano.
Who I am looking for:
Well, itís hard to say who I am looking for. Probably when you meet the right person, you understand Ė he is the One :) in general I would like him to be frank, kind, balanced, emotionally positive.

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Kharkov time: 15:31:24 (GM“ +2)

Address is given upon request
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