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Ukraine Woman Marriage Elena
Ukraine Woman Marriage Elena
Ukraine Woman Marriage Elena


Elena #348
58 y.o., Kharkov, Ukraine

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Date of birth:1962-08-12  
Age: 58
City: Kharkov
Zodiac sign: Leo

Marital status: Divorced
Children: 1

Education: PhD
Job: University teacher
Religion: Christian
Languages: English-Some

Height: 165 cm (5`05``)
Weight: 63 kg (140 lb)
Hair colour: Red
Eyes colour: Blue
Smoking: No
Drinking: Rarely

About myself:
Have lots of love to give!
Character and interests:
I am a thoughtful person, well mannered, have respect to people. I work as a university professor, so I communicate with a lot of people and I am young in my heart. I’ve been traveling a lot and seen Europe. And want to find my love, a good man who I can take care of and have romantic feelings with. I like reading detective stories, listening to jazz and blues music.
Who I am looking for:
Would like to meet a good man who has balanced character, is attentive and smart.

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Kharkov time: 23:33:23 (GMÒ +2)

Address is given upon request
We are always glad to help you!

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