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How Moe from Canada met Ludmila from Ukraine

Hi, I am Moe, the contractor from Canada.

I will tell you my story…

I’ve been living all my life in a small town near Toronto. I’ve been married before, then divorced... an ordinary story.

I’ve been making pretty good living working as an independent contractor. But of course I’ve been missing love, care and attention from a good woman who will wait you from work every day.

And I realized that I need to find a good woman for the rest of my life. I was sick and tired of the Canadian women, I didn’t feel enough care about me, not my wallet.

So I decided to look in the Ukraine and so I went there.

Everyone was recommending this UFMA website, so I went online and decided to meet a couple of ladies there.

I came to Ukraine and met the ladies and found that they have really good ones and their support is very helpful, they always are ready to do everything for you.

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They personally know all ladies, so they can help you with matchmaking greatly.

So, I was recommended to meet Ludmila. We liked each other right away. After a couple of dates we realized that this is not just friendship. :)

Then we went to the seaside together...

The UFMA helped me on all steps. Here is
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I realized that Ukrainian women are the best. Ludmila gives me care, love and warmth of her heart.

❤ It worked for us greatly. It will work for you too!

We are happy and we wish you the same!
~ Moe & Ludmila

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