Hacking Ukrainian/ Russian dating

"Hacking Ukrainian/ Russian Dating"
The E-Course

♡ Russian and Ukrainian women… they are soooo great...

They are beautiful, sexy, family oriented, faithful and they have lots of respect towards men.

There is just one problem – they are far from you, in another country. They speak another language and you need to make some efforts to get a good woman from there.

What to start from? How not to become a victim of insincere women or scammers? How to find the right woman and to be happy?


To answer all these questions I have made this guide. I have invested all of my 15 year experience in the dating sphere for you to save a ton of money, time and energy. And trust me, this information is the true gold.

Stop digging mountains of online blogs and forums, don’t waste hours of your time on browsing the timed out information.

I am in the dating business for 15 years. I have created lots of happy couples. And I will show you the way to success with Ukrainian, Russian, or any other women from abroad. Because the core wishes and demands of all people from all around the world are absolutely the same.

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All you need to know about Ukrainian dating.
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There is lots of bad mistakes on the way as you know it.

I have met men, who have spent $50,000 and more on international dating, and didn’t find their woman yet. Why? Simply because they were acting wrong, they set the wrong goals in front of them and go to them in the wrong ways. And yes, you can spend huge money and stay broken hearted and with no woman.

Do you need that? I don’t think so…

Or do you want to spend the minimal necessary amount of money and to be happy with your choice? Do you want to find the right, wonderful woman, who will make you happy? Do you want to avoid all the expensive mistakes, which will take lots of your time and hard earned cash?

Then this material is for you!

Get Your E-Course Now!
All you need to know about Ukrainian dating.
Courses left: 6/30

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★ From this guide you will know such Super Valuable things as:

How to find the right woman. How to choose from thousands of profiles the one, who will match you the best and with whom you will build strong romantic relationships.

How to avoid scams. Which profiles to choose and not to choose from. There are men, who send tens of thousands dollars to scammers. Know how to avoid them! Save your time and money!

What is the mentality of Ukrainian/ Russian women. What they like in men, how you can impress them, how you can win their hearts. And also how to avoid the mistakes and how to win her with your behavior, not the expensive gifts and money. How to make her fall in love with your personality.

How to build strong relationships. I will tell you how to make the woman be with you with pleasure and how to make her fall in love with you. How to make friends with her family. How to build a wonderful fundament for your relationships.

What are the relationships life hacks, what are the ways to attract women and what are the ones to scare them away. I will show you the shortest way to win a heart of a woman.

How to get around Kiev and Kharkov, two biggest cities of Ukraine. I will give you the contacts of non expensive and good quality hotels, apartments, restaurants and places to visit. I will tell you where to invite a woman for a great date, what are the restaurants about and how much everything costs there. We will make a plan of a successful meeting, to make her impressed and get an unforgettable evening with you, full of great emotions.

Lots of useful information about how to save on your trips to Ukraine, what to take with you for a journey, what you MUST know during your trip to avoid all mistakes.

How to make a visa, how to get married in Ukraine, how to make the documents… how to save $2000 USD on a marriage lawyer!

How to make her happy in the new country, how to avoid her depression. How to make your life together a paradise, not a hell. How to help you enjoy your life? How to help her get used to life in the other country max fast?

This guide will open lots of secrets to you. Nobody else will tell you this, because not many people have this much experience in meeting and helping men from all around the world, who are looking for wives in Ukraine/ Russia. You just MUST know this, if you don’t want to make all kinds of mistakes in the process!

I have made this guide max simple, capacious and understandable. Just pure meat here, no useless speeches and stories about nothing. Just pure information for you, just the squeezed knowledge, which was gained from the experience of man men, who paid for it a lot of time and money, making all the mistakes they’ve made.

♡ I have invested lots of time, energy and all my soul into it. So enjoy!

Only now you get a discount of 50%, so hurry up and get it right now!

Get Your E-Course Now!
All you need to know about Ukrainian dating.
Courses left: 6/30

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✎ The contents of the E-course:

Chapter 1: The right choice = 80% of your success
- How to choose the right lady.
- The checklist of your perfect choice.
- Where to find the ladies. How to search.

Chapter 2: Avoid scams. Don’t lose your time and money.
- Who dating scammers are?
- Where they are waiting for you.
- Most common scam scenarios.
- How to avoid the money scams.
- The golden 100% rule to avoid the loss of money.
- Avoid passport hunters and dishonest women.

Chapter 3: Mentality of Ukrainian women. How to win hear heart.
- What they like in men.
- What they don’t like and what you should avoid.
- Why they are looking for men abroad.
- The age difference – what they think about it.
- What is the mentality of our women about.

Chapter 4: Building the relationships
- What women want.
- How to show your strong sides.
- How to hide your weak points.
- How to give her the emotions and feelings, she is looking for.
- How to make her family and parents like you, how to get their support.

Chapter 5: Relationships life hacks
- You don’t have much time: how to build love fast.
- What should not be done so as not to scare the girl away.
- What women say themselves. Video interviews of women. - ???

Chapter 6: Ukraine: Kiev and Kharkiv – two main cities of Ukraine
- First thing you must do before you go. Check your visa requirements.
- How to get here – ways to find the cheap routes and tickets.
- What to take with you for a trip. What you must know when you travel.
- Hotels and apartments – what to choose and how to choose.
- Restaurants and cafes – best and most affordable places.
- Plan of dates – where to invite your lady to make your date remarkable.

Chapter 7: All about marriage process and Fiancee Visas
- To get married in Ukraine or in your country? Pros and cons.
- How to make the fiancée visa and to get married in your country. Save on a laywer.
- How much time you need to take her to your country. Life hacks to make it fast.

Chapter 8: Living together – how to make it happy.
- What you need to know before the relocation. What she needs to take to her new home.
- Most difficult first months. How to overcome her depression and being homesick.
- What to give her at first to help her adapt (communication, learning the language, support).
- How to build your common life, so it will be cool, easy and bringing you pleasure.

This is ALL you need to know to find your best match here successfully!

Get Your E-Course Now!
All you need to know about Ukrainian dating.
Courses left: 6/30

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Sergey Sokolov